Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kids with Allergies-Gluten Free Books

Over the past couple of months, my kids and I have made several trips to the allergist. I had always known they were highly allergic to peanuts, just like their dad. I found out my kids are also allergic to wheat, soy, and tomatoes. I really was not surprised about the tomatoes, because although they love pizza, they have always had breakouts after eating pizza. (thank goodness for benedryl) I guess I should have known thay soy, which seems to be in every prouduct in the grocery store-really, is in the peanut family.
Trips to the grocery store have been brutal. Flour, bread, pancakes, pizza, cookies, cakes, snacks, salad dressing, mayo,bbq sauce,ketchup, everything has wheat and soy. Now if you are only planning to eat meat and veggies all day, that would be okay, but try telling your kids that!

I found Babycakes, a vegan, gluten-free and sugar free book by Erin Mckenna. It had too many ingredients in it for me- it just did not work. If any wants the book, (the first person to respond) just leave me a message. You can have it for free! Yes I said free! Page 85 has just tad bit of flour on it, my daughter and I tried to make the vanilla cupcakes. We purchased the book two weeks ago for $24.00, so its in very good condition.
Anyway, we found a book we like more, its called- Gluten free Baking with the Culinary Institute of America. I learned so much. When water is added to wheat(which my kids cannot eat), the proteins in the wheat become stretchy strands of gluten. The strands form a web that captures the gas given off by the yeast, allowing dough to rise.
This book has allowed those of us with a Gluten Free Pantry, to have bread, and pancakes and so on. The food is good! I would love to hear from everyone. Love to share some recipes.

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